Biến tần Control Techniques F600-03200066A10100AB653

Biến tần Control Techniques F600-03200066A10100AB653

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SKU: F600-03200066A10100AB653
Công suất: 1.1kW[1.5Hp]
Điện áp: Vào 2 pha 200/240VAC - Ra 3 pha 200/240VAC
Dòng điện định mức: 6.6A
Dòng series: F600 Series
Hãng sản xuất: Control Techniques
Danh mục: Biến tần
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Control Techniques F600-03200066A10100AB653

With innovative protective features and extended equipment life

The F600 has comprehensive pump and motor protection features which minimise unplanned downtime, improving overall effctiveness and guaranteeing better value for money. Bring true resilience to your application and easily ride-hrough component failures.

Automatic error recovery

In the unlikely event of detecting an error with your pump, the F600 has the ability to dynamically recover and resume
normal operation.

Limit protection

If the feedback exceeds the limits defied for your application, the F600 has the ability to raise an alarm or stop the drive to
protect your equipment and preserve its lifetime.

Transducer loss protection

In the event of losing connection to the transducer, the F600 can stop, continue to run at a fied speed or ignore the fault
depending on the application requirements.

Fire mode

Fire mode allows the drive to disable all trips and to continue to run uninterrupted during emergency events if the application



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Comprehensive options for flxibility


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